3.23 Azazel as the Serpent’s Seed

A final Biblical evidence for Lilith arises from Leviticus 16, which defines the rituals of the Israel’s Yom Kippur ceremony.  Yom Kippur models the redemptive act of God and Messiah in restoring man.  In the ceremony a demon named Azazel plays a critical role as a foil to Messiah.  As a counter to Messiah, Azazel fulfills the role of the Serpent’s infamous seed, which God prophesied would bruise the heel of Eve’s promised seed, Messiah.  Because the Serpent’s seed had to be in place at the time of Messiah’s bruising 2000 years ago, this rules out any future person or Anti-Christ as fulfilling the Serpent’s seed role.  Azazel had to be a physical person sired of the Serpent, who was bound in his own curses at the time of Messiah’s bruising.  Outside of the Lilith legend, there is no known historical candidate for this seed of the Serpent at the time of Messiah’s crucifixion.  However, a careful analysis of First Enoch, the Zohar, and other ancient sources indicate that Azazel was the firstborn seed of Lilith.  Furthermore, he was the result of her mating with fallen angels called Watchers. 

A complete discussion of Azazel as the seed of the Serpent Lilith is a lengthy topic.  An entire chapter is devoted to this topic in chapter 6.