3.20 The Unique Fused Nature between Leviathan and Lucifer

The literal meaning of the name Leviathan hints at a continual and eternal connection between Lucifer with the Serpent Leviathan.  Livyathan (Ntywl – Strongs 3882) means “joined one.”  It comes from the root lavah (hwl – Strongs 3867), which means “to be joined.”  Lavah is the same root from which Levite is derived.  It implies a close connection, as in a blood relative, that cannot be separated.  The name of Leviathan suggests a unique joining of Lucifer to the body of the Serpent.  This joining is like that of a blood relative.  This is all very consistent with the Lilith being the Serpent fathered by Lucifer’s spirit.  The unified creature of the Serpent and Lucifer is named Leviathan. 

The implications of the literal meaning of the name Leviathan is also touched upon by Rashi.  In attempting to explain the passage of Job 3:8, Rashi explains that the literal meaning of the word Leviathan should be understood as indicating a conjugal union between a man and wife.[1]  Thus, he recognizes the fused nature the name implies. 

Lilith’s mystical fused nature with Lucifer is also documented in the Kabbalah’s Zohar.  It states Lilith is the “female of Samael”, whom is the king of demons and another term for Lucifer.  It explains, “Samael is like the soul and Lilith like the body.  Deeds are wrought by Lilith with the power of Samael.”  Indeed, the Zohar holds that the male and female are strangely fused in the Serpent, in an almost androgynous form.  This is perhaps best stated in Zohar I 148a-148b.

Zohar I 148a-148b

The male is called ‘Samael’, and his female is always included with him.  Just as on the side of holiness there are male and female, so on ‘the other side’ there are male and female, included one with the other.  The female of Samael is called ‘snake,’ ‘a wife of harlotry,’ ‘the end of all flesh,’ ‘the end of days.’ Two evil spirits are attached to one another. The male spirit is fine, the female spirit spreads out down several ways and paths, and is attached to the male spirit.

Thus, we see that the title of Leviathan given to the Serpent in the Bible is consistent with the expected nature of Lilith from being animated and fathered by Lucifer. 

[1] Iyov:  Job / A New Translation with a Commentary Anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic Sources; Rabbi Moshe Eisemann; Mesorah Publications; 1994.