The Case for Lilith

The legend of Lilith is quite arguably the most fantastic of all ancient rabbinic myths.  This section of the webpage covers the book The Case for Lilith, which is dedicated to the task of exploring the reasons why so many historical philosophers (both gentile and Jewish) considered the possibility that the Jewish legend of Lilith in the Bible was true.   This section of the website is dedicated to an overview of that book’s endeavors.  

The Case for Lilith explores the various evidences that these philosophers saw for Lilith, and how these evidences were responsible for the many modern detailed facets of her legend.  The legend of the Jewish Lilith is fantastic and nearly incredible for many readers.  For that reason, the core goal of the book, and its overview here, is to lay out the evidences for the Jewish Lilith in a reasoned, logical, and methodical fashion.  Its goal is to present to the reader the best case possible for supporting the notion that Lilith’s legend is true.   To present this case, a multifaceted approach is employed.  Pre-Jewish histories of Lilith are compared to rabbinic literature and traditions, and Biblical text are closely scrutinized to reconcile against many of her legend’s most prominent features.  Whether the reader accepts or declines the possibility of the legends authenticity, is a matter for him or her.  The goal of this work is merely to present the best possible case for her legend, and present the most probable reasons for why her legend has persisted.  

The Case for Lilith was first published in 2010.  Its emphasis was on Lilith as known the old Testament.   

The Case for Lilith, first Edition

A much expanded 2nd edition is now in the works.  It greatly expands the study of Lilith as referenced by Old Testament Biblical prophets, and her possible roles in the New Testament.   

The Case for Lilith (2nd Edition), Working Cover

Also, the long awaited Bitter Waters code is soon coming, enhancing the message of the Lilith as the first Sotah, or wayward wife suspected of adultery in the Bible.