The Bitter Waters Code

This book studies the spiritual meaning of a lengthy encoded message found hidden in the Hebrew of Numbers 5:10-31.  These Biblical passages cover the mysterious bitter water trial for Israelite wives suspected of adultery.  In that ancient rite, husbands who suspected their wives of adultery, but whom had no witnesses or proof against their wife, brought their wives to the Temple. There the priests used bitter waters to supernaturally test the women for adultery.  The priest created the bitter waters by casting dust from the Temple floor into holy water and then blotting into the waters a parchment upon which was written a curse and Jehovah’s holy name.  The priest then caused the suspected wife to drink.  According to Numbers, if she was guilty the waters entered into her for bitterness.  Immediately her appearance sickened, her belly swelled, and her thigh fell away.  Conversely, if the woman was innocent, she was unharmed by the waters.  Furthermore, the text promised that she would bear a son.

The encoded message explains several key features of the trial.  Why was dust strewn into holy waters?  Why was the written curse and Jehovah’s holy name blotted into the waters?  Why were the two primary symptoms of the guilty woman a swelling belly and a thigh which fell away?  The message reveals that the trial’s rituals enacted a supernatural pregnancy.  If the woman was guilty, her resulting seed brought curses.  However, if she was innocent, her seed atoned for her.  

The encoded message is found using a novel cipher.  Instead of the ELS (Equidistant Letter Sequence) code of many recent works, this book uses the FLEWS (First Letter Every Word Sequence) cipher.  The resulting codes consist of 124 contiguous words formed from the entire 348 character stream corresponding to the first letters of every word in the relevant Numbers text.  The words form coherent sentences which comment upon the trial’s events.  The book goes on to show how these 124 first generation words forms another base text upon which the FLEWS cipher may again operate.  Doing so yields a 47 word G2 (second generation) encoded message.  This process may be repeated again and again, yielding a 27 word G3, a 9 word G4, and a 2 word G5 message.  Each generational message is intimately related to its parent text and builds upon the overall encoded message.  The validity of this comprehensive message is assured because it is consistent with the Torah and several key elements of the Talmud, the Midrash, and even the Kabbalah.  

This book seeks more than just to prove the codes’ existence.  It seeks to fully illuminate the message’s mystical meaning.  In accomplishing this the book links key spiritual aspects of the trial to other Biblical mysteries – including the supernatural animation of Israel’s golden calf, the ancient Jewish concept of golems, Adam’s creation from dust, and Lilith’s legend as the first woman created directly from dust alongside Adam, but who was polluted by defiled waters and possessed by Satan to become the infamous “Serpent” of Eden.